Centre County is a place like no other.

It's a place where you can experience a bustling college town, outdoor recreation, arts, sports, culture, hotels and restaurants, and more!

You're here because whether you realize it or not, to many people you meet each day, you are the face and voice of Centre County.

You are an ambassador. Your ability to answer questions and help people find what they seek, whether they are in hotels, restaurants, convenience stores or the people you meet on the street, keeps people coming back for more.

The more people we have coming here, the more jobs there are, the more money that is spent, the more vibrant our area becomes, so take this role seriously. If you are watching this, you are integral to the success of our community!

With this training course, you'll soon learn valuable skills to become a Centre County Ambassador. Let's get started!

This training is designed to help you become part of a team of local ambassadors who can promote Centre County in a robust and enthusiastic way whenever called upon to do so. It will enhance your ability to answer questions and make recommendations when customers and visitors need help.

We hope this course will open your eyes to the wondrous opportunities available to you and to people who visit our region, whether they are prospective students, sports fans, conference-goers, history buffs, traveling business-people, or anyone else who finds themselves in Centre County looking for something to do.

It will help to give you an awareness and understanding of many of our local restaurants, events, activities and destinations that are available for you and your customers’ enjoyment throughout the year. Even though we all live here, not many of us have been to every one of these places and events. This is a way to expand your knowledge of Centre County. 

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