We want to thank you for taking part in this training experience and we hope you find it useful as you take on the important role of Centre County ambassador.

If you’re ever looking for ideas for yourself or others on where to eat, sleep, or play, visit us in person at the Centre County Penn State Visitors Centre next to Beaver Stadium in State College… or online at

We appreciate your time. Have a great day.

With visitors, we never know who we may be talking to, therefore it is important to always have a positive attitude. If you don’t, you will ultimately transmit your feelings to visitors, who, in turn, will feel unwelcome and are likely to be reluctant to visit again, which adversely affects the vibrancy of our tourism economy. In addition, if that visitor is scouting the area to potentially relocate or start-up a new business, negative vibes could deter them from giving serious consideration to Centre County. 

Thank you for being a positive ambassador for Centre County!

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